Dear British Person,

I recently got married and took my husband’s name.  Sometimes when I tell other women this, they accuse me of insulting the women who have fought hard to not be considered their husband’s property.  How should I respond to these accusations and show that I’m as liberated as the next lady?

Lady Liberty

Dear Mrs. Liberty,

I’m afraid that your brand might never recover. Forget about the women who fought for freedom, what about the board that managed your brand for so long? Your parents, must be devastated that you’ve diluted your unique selling point. Your friends, who bought into your brand values probably feel betrayed. And all for something as petty and insignificant as love.  

Back in the UK Coco Pops changed its name to Choco Krispies, and I’m not sure it ever recovered. Even if its name didn’t impact on its ability to turn the milk chocolatey, millions of children couldn’t look Choco Monkey in the eye. That’s a cautionary tale if ever there was one.
 So a rose by any other name might smell as sweet. But can you rely on us to figure that out? 

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